a few things that have been keeping me busy

life lately

1. Life at the workshop has been buzzing along with the holiday season fast aproaching it some times seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. But I always manage to take some time to try out our new stamps!

2. In any spare moment I have at home I've been working on a few side projects (I'll be sharing some of those soon hopefully!). That usually means working curled up in bed with Milly. 

3. Last weekend I went camping in Yosemite and we hiked North Dome, the mountain directly across from the famous Half Dome, so the views were spectacular needless to say. Also it rained and since we were so high up on the mountain it actually snowed!  it was quite beautiful once I got past the fact that I was cold and wet.

4. Which leads to the last bit, my car broke down in Yosemite and had to be towed out which was a fun adventure all in itself. Ugh! But it's all fixed up now thank goodness. 


Have a happy weekend!