Wacom 1: simple and organic

so last week got a little busy with work and the boy and i flew off to new york for a little mini vacation over the weekend, but i do have my first wacom drawing as promised.

i have a couple iterations because i really i am still getting the hang of this thing, plus i really haven't spent any time drawing (on the computer or other wise) in quite some time. so i was kind of trying to find/ get my grove back as it were.

I have a peacock feather that sits on my desk that i've always thought was just cool. that seemed like a good place to start, feather are a pretty easy shape and you can do some cool line work, obviously, the line work in the first one leaves something to be desired, but thats why you draw, and redraw. 

the lines are getting there but they are not quite how i'd like them on the second go round.

by the third try, things are still not coming out quite how i'd like, so i put in a little color to see if thats what it was missing. but still not feeling quite right. its time to try something new. 

when drawing, organic sketchy lines have always been my jam and it took me a couple of try's to remember that. those first three i was trying way too hard, but when i let go and let it come to me naturally thats what worked. i'm getting the hang of using pressure with the 'pen' on the pad and trying to make it work for me. its not perfect, but thats not what i'm aiming for, besides, perfect is so boring.