wacom 2: handwriting

i've been kind of failing at keeping up lately, but i'm feeling like late is better than never. for my second wacom challenge i wanted to work on my handwriting. now in real life my handwriting isn't anything special, but its clean and legible, and on occasion i really enjoy drawing display type letters. for some reason i had a hard time making letters look normal with the wacom, plus i kept writing at an angle for some strange reason, yeah you'll see everything totally slopes up towards the right, weird! but i did finally mange some writing that i'm happy with.

live wild and free and love with reckless abandon

here are a few of my earlier attempts too!

blog-action // wild and free 1
blog-action // wild and free 2

not bad but not great, also i definitely just realized i spelled 'reckless' wrong on my first try, wow way to go, haha

so i'll keep up the practice i guess is what I'm saying, while living wild and free!