the new year

sorry, but holy shit! it's practically 2015! like less than 24 hours!

this year has been... interesting? good? amazing? mediocre? honestly i feel like this year had a lot of ups and down in all aspects of life, from work to personal but everything is evening out at pretty ok. is that bad of me to say? work and my job are great and i've gotten to move up and do and learn a lot of things this year, but at the same time none of that came with out some stress, anxiety, and lets face it, fear. as far as my personal life it hasn't been the roller coaster that other years have been, but it has also had plenty of great and shitty.

all in all i'm pretty satisfied with 2014

i think i said this at the beginning of the year, on the old blog format, if anyone remember that (coincidentally all those post magically disappeared when i switched from worpress to square space, kinda a bummer huh?) but i digress, i said something along the lines of :: that "this year would be a 'building year'". yeah like in sports... but i think i worked my ass off and things are setting up to come together in 2015 and i'm pretty stoked for it!

so bring it on 2015, i'm ready for ya! and to show ya heres a new calendar, you can down load and print, it's sized to print on 11x17 paper and trimmed down.


down load the PDF here!

and have a happy and wonderful new years!