My Weekend at BLOGSHOP

this past weekend i got the chance to help out at Blogshop, if you haven't heard of Blogshop yet you should definitely check it out! Bri of Design Love Fest and Angela of Angela and Ithyle teach photoshop for blogging in a weekend, bootcamp style.

its kind of a funny story how i ended up getting involved... somewhere around two years ago when i was in the beginning of my design program (and i think about the time they had started Blogshop) i had been reading Design Love Fest and there had been a post about how they needed extra help with their new workshop and you could apply to be an "intern". so being an enthusiastic student and willing to do pretty much anything for free with the hope of learning something or meeting people, i applied. and then nothing, i don't remember hearing anything back, so i was off onto the next unpaid internship. then a couple weeks ago i was contacted by Blogshop's coordinator asking if i was still interested in being an intern. and after a moment of though, i said "heck yes!"

we were in a warehouse type building over in the dogpatch, would you look at those windows!? so awesome!

there were two other interns helping out, both girls awesome in their own rights. Micaela is a student runs the sweet blog drifter and the gypsy and Molly is a graphic designer. 

the day started off pretty early (well for me, i'm not so much about the mornings), around 8. we got the room set up, tables chairs and all that bit. then the flowers came and got distributed around the room. then onto the gift bags. we had boxes of goodies to go through, some pretty awesome stuff! we made up each gift bag and set them at each seat and set a few aside so that Angela could photograph them.

Lollia Hand Lotion // Messy Bed Studio Notebook// Bello Pop Print Shop Matches// The Souvenir Society Paper// BKR Water Bottle 

Lollia Hand Lotion // Messy Bed Studio Notebook// Bello Pop Print Shop Matches// The Souvenir Society Paper// BKR Water Bottle 

and then then the day began, students arrived and class kicked off.


once class got rolling myself and the other interns just wandered around the room helping out, and answering questions kind of like a TA. we also coordinated with all the caterers and had snacks and lunch set up. we got cupcakes from Miss Jones Baking Co as an afternoon snack, so good!

The class itself was interesting, i knew 97% of the photoshop things that were taught (which was good when having people ask me questions about it! ) but what i really found interesting was, for a lack of a better word, the 'blog theory'. just little things that can make a blog or website more successful. more of that came on day two along with a photo shoot for everyone in the class. I came in early with Angela to set up and help out. that is one thing that i know how to do it be useful on a shoot (haha). there was a lot of confetti and bubbles and i kind of want to add professional bubble blower and confetti thrower to my resume now.


all in all it was a good experience, and i'm glad that i got the opportunity to work with all the lovely ladies that were there. both Bri and Angela were super nice and really know whats up. and my fellow interns Micaela and Molly were awesome and i'll definitely be following along with them (lets be real, instagram and social media make it hard not to). 

for more on Blogshop check out their website and for more pictures check out the hashtag #blogshopsf on instagram!