Photography Series

the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.

i have always love photography, there is something about being able to capture an image or a moment that just fascinates me. when i was a kid i was obsessed with my little point and shoot film camera, and one summer i got the chance to go to 'photography camp' and my uncle graciously lent me his nikon, i felt so legit. little did he know the picture monster i was becoming and that he would never get the camera back (sorry!). i took photography in high school still using that same nikon, getting to develop my own pictures was so cool and was the highlight of my senior year. when i left for college i took that same nikon with me and would take 'picture adventures' with friends all around the northern california coast. 


Last year i got a brand new fancy digital nikon, the D3200 to be exact. and for the last year i've taken tons of pictures with it, but i was really going on trial and error for what setting would work for that situation, its been a long time since that high school photography class. so i thought in an attempt to relearn how to use a camera i should teach someone the basics of taking pictures with a DSLR.

so in the next few weeks i'll be posting 'lessons' on some basic camera stuff, that is hopefully more interesting and helpful than reading a manual.