a little bit of green

succulent garden

so if you don't know me, i love succulents, it's probably because they are super easy to maintain and because i am terrible at keeping plants alive, i once killed a bamboo plant, seriously! so this past weekend i got a little crazy at home depot and got a whole bunch of plants. i love having a little green life in my room and house and it's super easy and doesn't require a lot of work or materials.

plants, soil, pots, cat

What you need:
1. some succulents, i threw in a little cactus and an aloe plant for fun too
2. soil and rocks, i had some regular potting soil left over and i got some cactus soil too because cacti and succulents don't need a whole lot of water and that special soil drains quickly. i usually get small rocks since my containers are small too.
3. something to plant in. i have used everything from actual plant pots, to jars, to a gravy boat i found at a flea market. pots that have some kind of drainage are best, but any cool vessel will work.
4. oh and a silly kitty who wants to get into everything


i put a layer of rocks in the bottom of the pot so that water that doesn't get absorbs can drain out a bit. then in go the plants. a lot of times the succulents you get from home depot or other home and garden stores have a few small plants in one thing, so split those suckers up and arrange them how you like. and fill in the the gaps with the soil . 

potted succulents

i like to put a layer of rocks on the top too, it looks nice and it helps if you have curious little cats who like to try to eat or at least pull plants out (like mine does, ha). 

so my house is a little more green and lively now, hopefully you've had a fun and productive weekend too!