night time and long exposures

its been a while, i know... i was taking a much needed vacation, camping with my brother and friend in southern california. 

i took my camera along (duh) and had the opportunity to do some fun stuff, experimenting with long exposures at night for some pretty rad effects.

these first ones were taken on the lowest shutter speed setting of my camera, with out a tripod, so one is a little blurry. you have no idea how hard i was trying to stand still and hold the camera steady to get these shots! for these two good one i've got a bunch of really bad blurry shots!

remember that awesome super moon? if you missed it, enjoy!

super moon long exposure

i remember seeing an ad a couple years ago where people where drawing with light, so we had the brilliant idea to light sticks on fire, blow them out to get an ember and draw with those. for this i set the camera on a sturdy surface (again because i didn't have a tripod) which ended up being my camp cooking pot upside down. then holding down the shutter until the drawing was done, so anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds if i remember correctly.

ember drawings - long exposure

one of my favorite parts of the trip was we spent 2 days backpacking. it was so nice and refreshing to get away from the sounds of cars and other people for a little bit. not to mention the beautiful sky! for these if found what i dubbed the "tripod rock" a triangular rock which i propped the camera up on to get a good view of the sky, because again, no tripod, i just didn't think i'd need it when i was packing. then held the shutter for 10-20 seconds, the tricking part here was that it was so dark i had a hard time focusing the camera because i really couldn't see anything with out my flashlight, and even then it was difficult to see if i was in focus. and forget auto focus, it was much to dark for that, cameras are smart but not that smart.

stars - long exposure

this was one was a lot of fun and i am still a little amazed how awesome these came out! setting the camera on a rock for stability i held the shutter while someone flashed the flash light at the other person posing then they'd do another pose and we'd flash the flashlight again, and so on for how ever many poses we felt like.

ghosted images - long exposure

i'll be post more pictures from my trip i'm sure, i took so many!

it was a good trip but i'm glad to be back in the city, and i'm feeling full of ideas after my mental break!