photoshooting & nearly impossible

nearly impossible conference

i had the awesome opportunity to work with Laure Joliet this past weekend as her photo assistant at the Nearly Impossible Conference, it just so happened to take place at Heath Ceramics which is an awesome spot, with huge windows and beautiful light, not to mention amazing pottery. Nearly Impossible was basically about small product based businesses coming together and learning from each other how to grow and be successful.

nearly impossible - speaker

we mostly were concerned with photographing the space, which included the  main lecture hall where all the speakers, err spoke, and the back "boiler room" where they held the expert lab - one on ones with makers, designers, and other awesome entrepreneurs.

photographing - expert lab

its a bummer my sad little iphone camera couldn't really capture the awesomeness of this room and the beautiful huge windows and light coming in (luckily the 6 is on its way to me!)

nearly impossible - set ups

it was an awesome day and i was lucky enough to catch a couple speakers in between shooting and Laure was seriously the sweetest person ever! the conference will be in new york in october and if you get the chance i would totally recommend checking it out!