another year

turning 27

yesterday i celebrated my 27th birthday with dinner at a bougie restaurant and beers at my local dive bar. at one point in the night the conversation turned to "what would my 16 year old self think of 27 year old me? What would 21 year old me think?" and the best i could come up with was that my life is not turning out how i'd expected it to. 16 year old punk kid natalie would not have expected to willing be in some swanky, expensive restaurant for dinner, in fact she might have been a bit disgusted. i also had a lot of naively high expectations for what was possible to accomplish before 30. the reality is even though i've take some unexpected turns, where i am right now is pretty awesome, and where i'm going, be it where i'm currently planning, or someplace completely different, it will likely be awesome.

my mom gave me some pretty solid advice when i moved out (at the tender age of 17!), "nat, life's as fun as you make it". and i totally think thats true, you are in charge of your own life and if you want something get it, but if its at the expense of your own happiness then its probably not worth it. 

i am very lucky to have amazing people in my life and to get to do the things i love for both work and play. so heres to another year of awesome!