black and white

black and white cliffside with prink frame // blog-action

this is a little preview of a project that i've been working on. its a personal project that i've actually had in the back of my brain for the last 5 years and its finally starting to come together. making moves! i love black and white photography as well as film, and i've got an old nikon film camera that actually used to be my main camera for a lot of years before i got a DSLR. that means i have a ton of prints, from back in the day when you used to get film developed! man that makes me feel a little old haha. but i've had a few idea on what to do with all these prints and i'm excited to finally be executing on one!

black and white cliffside 2 yellow frame // blog-action
black and white golden gate bridge green frame // blog-action

i'll be posting more details as this project comes together, but for now i'm just keep plugging away at it, but i wanted to share just a little snippet!

happy friday!