making moves


i have always loved new years resolutions, firstly because i love making lists, and in past years i've always had a laundry list of things i want to accomplish, but those lists always end up so long and outrageous that i never do get any of them done. so this year i'm trying to keep it simple.

make moves is something thats become kind of a mantra to me lately. i always have 1000 different ideas swirling around in my head at any given point, but a lot of times i find it hard to act on one. so rather than just talking about and thinking about things, ideas, projects i want to do, i want to make moves, i want to make them happen. 

i think of it kind of like a game of chess (which i am terrible at by the way), but to get your pieces  from where they are to where they need to be, you have to make moves.  and some times its small moves, one space at a time, but other times you are set up for a big move and you can get all the way across the board.

this also applies to pretty much every aspect of my life, nothing gets done with out making moves. there are trips i want to take so my first move is to plan, and research, it makes it a lot easier to execute the bigger steps later, or if the bank has charged me a bogus fee, its not going to just go way, i actually have to call and do something about it. i have to to be the one to make these moves, because no one else is going to move for me.

so this year i will make moves, i will follow through on ideas i've had for years, i will do the things that need to be done even if they are hard and i don't want to do them, i will make the things i want to happen, happen.