designing for myself

designing for myself is one of the hardest and most infuriating things ever. i get a strange little kernel of an idea, and your brain works on it for  while with out actually putting anything down, when i finally start to get something down on paper it never really comes out how i'd liked or hoped it would, but then the problem is that i've become attached to that idea and have a hard time iterating on it. when designing for myself i also always seem to skip those crucial first steps that i always take in designing for someone else, the steps that help me to understand where the client is coming from, understand what they want from the design, the feeling and message they want to convey. so i find myself starting over and going through the processes of again, in the back of my mind hoping i'll come up with something similar to what my silly brain thought up in the beginning with out any frame or reference, but the case usually is the opposite, but the out come does end up being better because i've gone through the process and the thought behind the design is there.

mood board

my side project needs a logo, which in general is one of my favorite things to design, and after a lot of drafts of what i originally thought i wanted, i'm going back and figuring out what it is i really want, what i want the logo to convey and all that. starting with a mood board really does help, its crazy. now with a bit clearer of a direction to go in, i've got a better idea of what i want and what i need.