100 day project // Blog-Action

have you heard to the 100 day project? i stumbled across it on twitter the other day, and it looks like fun! the challenge is making or doing every day for a 100 days to keep the creative juices flowing and actually do something everyday. i am choosing to draw a letter everyday for the 100 days.

i came to the letter idea because i needed and wanted something small and manageable because in the next 100 days i have a few other projects going on plus some travel plans, and i just really like drawing letters.

100 days of letters // Blog-Action

i think one of the coolest parts of this project is that its being shared over social media so anyone can join and follow along. i'll be sharing my letter drawing adventure on instagram and definitely posting updates here my hashtag for the project is #100daysofletters. so if you want to get in on this (and why wouldn't you?) check out 100dayproject for more info. the project starts next week on april 6th, so who's with me?