we're getting a little personal today, FYI.

i have been MIA for a while, i know. but life has seemed kinda crazy lately. I made a sorta major life change which was to move in with my boyfriend. we ended up finding an apartment much faster than i thought we would, the apartment game in san francisco is fierce and after the first apartment we saw that literally had a line of people around the block waiting to see it, i thought it would take months. but no, 2 weeks after deciding to start casually looking we were getting keys and signing leases. i have been in move in mode ever since. 

living room // blog-action

i'm not sure how common this is but since moving in i have been weirdly consumed but decorating and organizing all of our stuff. these things take time i know, especially when combining things with a significant other for the the first time. my goodness we have a lot of stuff and consequently a lot of the same stuff, what can i say my guy has good taste :) we've been in the new place for a week now and its starting to come together, the couch is getting delivered today, i ordered some rugs, and got a little crazy at the container store buying storage solutions haha. i'll be sure to update with pictures once our  furniture is all in and there are hopefully a few less boxes around!

here's some of the decor thats been spinning around in my head.

apartment decor

{kitchen organizer} {planter} {necklace holder} {triangle shelves} {circle pillow} {couch} {chevron rug}

Happy weekend! hopefully yours is tons of fun and doesn't consist of unpacking boxes :)