out to adventure

photo adventure supplies // blog-action

i'm getting all my camera stuff packed up and ready to go on our next adventure! on friday  i (and the boy, plus my brother and his lady) are driving out to the desert to backpack through paria canyon. i'm really excited to be braking out my old nikon again! i don't think i've used it since i went to south africa a few years ago! 

i am really hoping to get some good shots, and maybe do a whole photo series of canyon photos. plus i love using film for the anticipation of not knowing really what you have until you get home and get it developed. call me old fashioned but i just love film, whatever. it's a little more work (ok a lot) but i feel like the pictures i get with that film camera really come out better than with the DSLR, maybe because you just have to be more conscious of what you are doing.

anyways i am still going to bring my phone for some digital pics too, i wouldn't want to miss out on all that color! i definitely only bought black and white film, because, dude black and white is my jam!

have an awesome rest of the week, and a wonderful next week too!