Black & Bright Launch!

my etsy shop selling brightly framed black and white photos is open for business! 

oh man! its been actually around 5 years in the making, which seems silly for something so small and simple, but thats when i first got the idea. I wanted to combine black and white photography with neon. for a long time i didn't actually do anything for it, it was just an idea in my head that i was too poor, too busy, too scared, too everything, to bring into real life. Then about a year ago i sat down and started to figure things out. because i have a love and a deep appreciation for i have taken a lot of actual photos over the years and have boxes of of prints and negatives. so i started going through them, collecting, scanning, cleaning up. it was a serious process.

boat and colored sky // blog-action

but it just wasn't feeling right.

it must have been around the holidays, because i was ordering prints from etsy and i was kind of annoyed that nothing came framed, and that i would still have to go out and buy frames for all the art prints and photos. yeah i'm that lazy. so it struck me that if i was going to sell photo prints i should sell them framed.

Fog & Tree in pink frame // Blog-Action

and Black & Bright came into being.

the shop isn't fully built out yet, i still have stuff to add and product shots to take and about pages to fill out but most of my favorite photos are up and i felt like i was stalling a little bit not announcing it. its scary putting your work out into the world, hoping people will like it, like it enough to pay money for it, but i'm giving it a shot.

check it out at Black & Bright or check the instagram at @blackandbrightphoto