creating vs consuming


i saw this picture on instagram from Sean McCabe / seanwes and it really got me thinking. i consume so much media everyday from reading blogs in the morning, to checking instagram and twitter through out the day, to cruising the internet when i get home, listening to podcasts while i do chores, i am even watching netflix right now as i type this!

there are days that i don't create anything at all and all i do is consume. i look at other peoples work and projects and think how cool it is. it's been on my mind lately to scale back my consumption of other peoples projects, lives, work so that my brain has more space for my own ideas. I think that a lot of times we spend to much time looking to other for inspiration when we should be looking to ourselves for the answer.

anyways i really liked that lettering and the message, so just a little food for thought today. happy Wednesday!