changing perspective

do this because i love it

I haven't been posting a lot lately, and I still haven't finished my website redesign. My focus has really been on 'running' my little etsy shop, and when I say running, I really mean learning how to start a small/side business. Black & Bright has been an interesting adventure and a huge learning experience. I went into this venture kind of just assuming things would fall into place, that if I posted enough on social media I'd start to gain followers, that orders would slowly start to roll in from the Etsy shop, that with a little effort things would happen. That has not been the case, but I'm sure you saw that coming. It has taken a lot of time, effort, and brain power and I haven't seen much in the way of return, let me real, I haven't made a sale yet.

I was starting to get kind of down about my supposed failure. But I was reading this article on the   Great Discontent and I had a realization. I like taking pictures, and I like black and white, and if at some point someone else notices and like it too then thats awesome, but I like doing it so I'm going to continue, because it makes me happy. Shifting my focus from my nonexistent customers to doing what I actually like to do, taking black and white photos, is a lot more satisfying. Plus I feel like I appreciate each new follow, like, favorite, that much more. 

So what I'm coming away with is that starting a passion based side business is a lot of work, and it goes slowly, and sometimes you feel shitty about it because you don't get immediate results. But as long as you keep on doing what you love to do and don't focus too much on the numbers you'll be happy. 

Keep on learning, growing, and doing! Happy Wednesday!