Graphic Style Lab Project

Graphic Style Lab

It's a new year and like most people I am full of resolutions and ideas. One of mine being that I want to keep up with this blog more often, but for that to happen I realized I'd need actual  design/photography projects and things to post about. Enter Graphic Style Lab by Steven Heller, a design work book of sorts with exercises focused on style.

I bought the book months ago, honestly I thought that if I could work my way through it, I'd post some cool projects, build a following, catch the eye of some awesome design firm, then get offered a dream job. Yeah sometime my imagination really gets ahead of itself. But now I'm really looking at it as a way to take a little refresher in design. My day job and photography side project have kind of taken over the last few months and I want to get back to doing some design-y things.

So my plan is to read it, do each project, post them here with a little recap, post on Instagram - maybe I'll even make myself a hashtag for the project so whomever out there in internet land can follow along. It's almost like being in school again, but instead of grade... My work will be judged by likes? oh god!