Graphic Style Lab: Project # 1


Assignment # 1:

Create an album cover that parodies famous 1920's Russian avant-garde design using a photo of yourself.


I wanted to stick with the traditional colors - black, white, and red because I wanted to take more liberties with adding photographic elements, as well as with subject matter. Russian avant-garde is generally more industrial in subject matter and I wanted to go with a more nature theme since thats more my style. I used the coloring and font to keep the Russian avant-garde 'flavor' to it. I used photographs of trees to create a texture on the triangle tree - to give some natural shapes to the hard lines. What I wanted to do was bring natural texture into play with the hard geometric lines of that avant-garde style.


So this didn't come out quite like I'd liked, and took me way longer than I'd hoped. I was thinking I'd do one assignment a week, but that proved to be a bit harder than I thought. Mostly because carving out time always seems to be difficult, but also because I spent a really long deciding what kind of direction I wanted to go in, then an inordinate amount of time scrolling through Pinterest for a good song quote, but never came up with one that wasn't so cheesy it hurt my insides. Hence why I went with some sweet Neil Degrasse Tyson words. I also would have liked to used more natural photo textures, but honestly I'm just now thinking of that and I'm not going to go back in and change things now that I'm writing it up.

I am trying to think about this like school, like homework. Which also proves hard, because I forgot how hard it is to take a class or two while working full time and attempting to have some semblance of a life. But every week. Like homework. I am going to try.