creating vs consuming


i saw this picture on instagram from Sean McCabe / seanwes and it really got me thinking. i consume so much media everyday from reading blogs in the morning, to checking instagram and twitter through out the day, to cruising the internet when i get home, listening to podcasts while i do chores, i am even watching netflix right now as i type this!

there are days that i don't create anything at all and all i do is consume. i look at other peoples work and projects and think how cool it is. it's been on my mind lately to scale back my consumption of other peoples projects, lives, work so that my brain has more space for my own ideas. I think that a lot of times we spend to much time looking to other for inspiration when we should be looking to ourselves for the answer.

anyways i really liked that lettering and the message, so just a little food for thought today. happy Wednesday!

100 days of letters {1}

100 days of letters A-H // Blog-Action

if you follow me on instagram you've probably noticed both an increase in posting and that letters have taken over. my 100 days project is still going strong! i'm enjoying both the challenge and the ease of drawing a letter every day. its been a fun little exploration of things we write all the time. 

i'm also starting to think that i might want to create a font when this is all done, i've noticed that i seem to gravitate towards a certain style...

100 days of letters I-P // Blog-Action

for more letters follow along on instagram, and check out the #the100dayproject!


100 day project // Blog-Action

have you heard to the 100 day project? i stumbled across it on twitter the other day, and it looks like fun! the challenge is making or doing every day for a 100 days to keep the creative juices flowing and actually do something everyday. i am choosing to draw a letter everyday for the 100 days.

i came to the letter idea because i needed and wanted something small and manageable because in the next 100 days i have a few other projects going on plus some travel plans, and i just really like drawing letters.

100 days of letters // Blog-Action

i think one of the coolest parts of this project is that its being shared over social media so anyone can join and follow along. i'll be sharing my letter drawing adventure on instagram and definitely posting updates here my hashtag for the project is #100daysofletters. so if you want to get in on this (and why wouldn't you?) check out 100dayproject for more info. the project starts next week on april 6th, so who's with me?

wacom 2: handwriting

i've been kind of failing at keeping up lately, but i'm feeling like late is better than never. for my second wacom challenge i wanted to work on my handwriting. now in real life my handwriting isn't anything special, but its clean and legible, and on occasion i really enjoy drawing display type letters. for some reason i had a hard time making letters look normal with the wacom, plus i kept writing at an angle for some strange reason, yeah you'll see everything totally slopes up towards the right, weird! but i did finally mange some writing that i'm happy with.

live wild and free and love with reckless abandon

here are a few of my earlier attempts too!

blog-action // wild and free 1
blog-action // wild and free 2

not bad but not great, also i definitely just realized i spelled 'reckless' wrong on my first try, wow way to go, haha

so i'll keep up the practice i guess is what I'm saying, while living wild and free!

wise words {11} & some process

be free - handlettering

i did this hand-lettering project a while back, i've been really into water colors lately, i blame my friend and occasional coworker emily proud. she is an amazing artist who does some pretty rad things with water colors. so inspired by her i set my usual black sharpie marker aside and broke out the paints for a softer look.

be free - process

working with water color was fun, but the process took longer than i would usually spend on a little project like this since i had to wait for each layer to dry. but i think it was totally worth it, and i'm please with how things turned out.

be free - process

wise words {8} sorta...

have you ever had one of those weeks where everything seems like an emotional roller coaster? The good is really good, and the bad is really bad? yeah, i've been doing that for the past two weeks really, but here's to getting back on track and back to work!

i'm feeling ready for the rest of the week!

Wise Words {7}

i came up with several different ways to interpret this quote;  life is messy, so always take every opportunity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes  // for me being messy extends from not managing to put away my clothes to how i figure out how things work by taking them apart (including electronics, people, relationships) // if things in your life are 'messy' you should take a look at the reason, maybe its awesome and you should be proud of that or maybe it sucks and you should learn from it.

but i felt like all of these analysis' fell flat. while all of them are true for me and probably you too in some way or another they just don't quite cut it.  

so i'll leave it up to you to interpret how you'd like. I do know, even if you feel like a mess its ok, because you'll get it figured out.

wise words {5} being wrong

living a creative life

i will be the first to admit, i hate being wrong. but it was brought to my attention that nothing great comes out that way the first time. thats why we have iterative processes for design, and most creative projects. you need to get the kinks worked out but you can't do that until you've got something down on paper, or mocked up. i do have to remind my self of this sometimes that when some thing is wrong its not bad, its just part of the process.

even as i'm now looking at the hand lettering i did for this quote i'm thinking how i might want to revise it later, its not bad, but its just a draft.

so moral of the story don't be afraid of decisions or ideas because they might be 'wrong' embrace and learn from from things that aren't quite right.